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Prenguin for Architects

Why architects use Prenguin

  • It’s free to check if your interior designs are compliant
  • Check and adjust as you go
  • Process the PS1 when your design is ready – and receive it within 48 hours*
  • Have confidence your design will stand
  • Penguin is a game changer. I don’t have to wait for my designs to be reviewed by an engineer, I do it myself. It only takes a minute and it’s free.

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    Case Studies

    A Faster Way to PS1s for Designers and Architects

    Mark decided to proactively bring the PS1 process in-house for all new projects. Following a discussion with BVT, he learnt that a new technology would soon be hitting the market , and he was keen to take advantage of it. Mark registered his interest in Prenguin and took part in a demonstration with one of the development team.

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