PRENGUIN 3.0 includes tools to engineer grid & tile ceilings, plasterboard ceilings, baffled ceilings, full height partitions, and partial height partitions. These building elements typically make up 90-100% of a project, so the majority is all done instantly in PRENGUIN. 

However we know there are always extras. Bespoke elements or areas that are unique to each project and can’t be captured with the standard tool set. However that last 10% can still be managed and engineered within PRENGUIN. To address these areas, we have included a Bespoke Element tool, which like the other tools, is used by drawing and highlighting areas on the plan. 

Highlighted areas can have documents, product specs, notes etc uploaded and referenced to each bespoke area. This helps the user and wider team keep track of progress and important information. Specific engineering can be sought at any time and uploaded, or, when a PS1 is requested, the uploaded info is shared with an engineer to complete the specific design.

Bespoke elements are things like chandeliers, extra wide lintels, or curved walls etc. And each time a bespoke element is submitted to PRENGUIN, it’s added to the feature request log meaning the more common bespoke elements will quickly become tools available in PRENGUIN. 

So in conclusion, yes! PRENGUIN can directly engineer 90-100% of a typical project, and we’ve got the remainder covered too.

Have you tried PRENGUIN? We welcome you to test our Play Mode for yourself to see just how easy it is to draw your own designs.