In order to onboard new users with a high level of support, we are providing the log in details for all new users. Simply complete a form to receive your password. You can request access here. Once you have been given a password you can access Prenguin from anywhere at any time.

Yes. There is the option to share your work with others simply by clicking the share button on your project. You will have the option to add other email addresses to share it with.

They don’t need to be signed up to see your project, but if you would like them to collaborate on it, they will need to sign up. Lucky it’s free and easy!

The liability for the design sits with the user, until the point that they submit it as a PS1. Once BVT receives the design and provides a PS1, the liability shifts to BVT.

Yes, all New Zealand building regulatory organisations will accept a PS1 prepared through Prenguin as long as it is endorsed by a registered engineer. There is an option to have your Prenguin PS1 checked and approved by BVT once you have completed it. This process happens within 24 hours of the PS1 submission for simple projects.

Yes, you can contact the team via a chat option on the page (business hours) or send an email and someone will be in touch. You can also refer to our library of learning tools for help with specific areas. Click here to visit the library.

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