Prenguin's new teams function

You have told us that Prenguin is great, and you want to share it with your team.  Not just your immediate team but those you collaborate with be it architects, project managers, procurement experts and regulators.  So in our latest update we have made Prenguin the ultimate team player.  Find out how you can share projects to keep communication flowing and projects delivering.

Using Teams

When starting a new project in Prenguin, simply use the new teams function to set up a team and share the project with everyone involved. While teams will be useful to easily share new projects across your business, team members don’t need to be in your organisation. You can add the designer, the project manager, the supplier, even your regulatory contact at council!  

Organise your projects by team

Teams is a great way to organise your projects in a way that makes most sense to you. Whether you organise them by region, by internal team, or by delivery date – you can keep all your projects related to one group of people filed together for easy access.

Easy Collaboration Creates Efficiencies

Missing information that you need to complete your PS1 using Prenguin? No worries – ask the architect to update the soil type, or your supplier to add the specification on their materials. Create as many teams as you like in Prenguin’s new teams function – and include multiple projects in each team as well. 

Prenguin’s new teams function is a really easy way to keep communication flowing and projects moving quickly. Easier sharing means less downtime!

Check out the helpful video on how to set up your teams and organise your projects here.