Why Can’t the Construction Industry Improve Productivity?

Much has been written on this topic already. We know that efficiency, productivity and profitability are stagnant in the construction industry, while other industries are leaping ahead. Professional services across a range of industries are putting digital technology to use for significant productivity and profitability gains - there are examples in accounting, law and medicine, and yet we seem unable to transfer these learnings to construction.

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The Rise of the Seismic Calculator

Chances are, if you are involved in the design, construction or fit-out of interior commercial spaces, you will have been required to provide a PS1 or estimate the cost of materials for a seismically compliant design.

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Prenguins teams function

Create Your Own Cross Functional Team in Prenguin

Organising your projects in Prenguin just got easier. Use the new teams function to bring everyone together for even better collaboration.

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Artistic Ceiling

Greater Flexibility in Interior Design for Fit-outs

With nineteen years experience in interiors, Clayton Nelson has been involved with more ceiling and partition projects than he can count. As he says, there are only so many ways to skin a cat. But with Prenguin, he is excited about the artistic license he now has in creating designs.

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PS1 for ceilings and partitions

A Faster Way to PS1s for Designers and Architects

Mark decided to proactively bring the PS1 process in-house for all new projects. Following a discussion with BVT, he learnt that a new technology would soon be hitting the market , and he was keen to take advantage of it. Mark registered his interest in Prenguin and took part in a demonstration with one of the development team.

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Avoiding Bias in the Tech Revolution

Around the world people are looking to technology and automation (including AI) to fill the gaps or provide new approaches. We know that technology is set to displace some jobs and create others - but not in equal measure.

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Prenguin Provides Instant PS1 information to Save the Day

As a veteran supplier and installer of ceilings and partitions, Rick* was no stranger to the time pressures of the industry. He knew that any hold ups had knock on effects for a project, which resulted in lost work hours and cost everyone money. So when he heard about the web app Prenguin, he was excited. Here was an opportunity to reduce the turnaround for a PS1 - down from two weeks to just 2 days.

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suspended ceilings and partitions

Using Prenguin to Improve the Quality of Tenders

Construction professionals, such as Jon, can enter basic data and designs into the Prenguin app, and it will complete the engineering calculations to let them know whether their design will be seismically compliant. Jon finds this useful for preparing tenders and for a fast turn around on PS1s.

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Using Prenguin for PS1

Prenguin – Our Online Senior Engineer

Joon Kwon joined BVT late in 2021, as a recently graduated engineer. There’s plenty for Joon to learn as he builds his expertise in interior seismic engineering. He works closely with the senior engineers within BVT, getting support and experienced input on each project he works on. 

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Prenguin Delivers it’s First Automated PS1

If you’ve met James Dilger from Potters, you’ll know he’s an instantly likeable bloke. Clients love him not only because he’s so nice, he also pulls out all the stops to make things happen. Recently he needed an urgent PS1 for his client and was wondering how he was going to deliver it.

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