In an industry that is notorious for having a slow uptake to new technology, Ceinwen McNeil and Matt Bishop have spent the past year fine-tuning a new platform that is sure to break down the barriers for good. The launch of PRENGUIN 3.0 signals the birth of a new era, the DIY moment that engineering has been waiting for. In the same way that Canva has revolutionised graphic design and marketing, PRENGUIN is set to do the same for engineering in construction. By automating common engineering calculations and turning them into algorithms that live in a cloud, PRENGUIN gives individuals of all skill-sets the opportunity to engineer – anytime, anywhere. 

From missed deadlines to lost productivity, anyone who has been in the construction game for long enough, understands the challenges surrounding project profitability. With 14 years experience as a construction consultant, Matt explains, “We’ve had a good hard look at productivity in the construction industry. We’ve seen the problems and we understand the time that is lost every day. So we’ve automated common engineering calculations, turned them into algorithms and placed them in a cloud that can be accessed by anybody at any time. This gives industry stakeholders the power to do their own engineering on standardised interior designs in minutes.” 

Once the designs are complete, PRENGUIN then compares all product specifications (fire, acoustic, seismic, sustainability, etc.) quickly and easily, eliminating the need to review multiple manufacturers’ tables.

It’s time to boost productivity and stop the waiting game in construction. Click here to learn more about PRENGUIN and request a personalised demo today. 

PRENGUIN, wait for no one. 

Join us for our launch webinar this Wednesday, as Matt Bishop provides an exclusive demo and insight into PRENGUIN 3.0. Register your attendance here.

Join us for our launch webinar.