Jon Cruise knows suspended ceilings and partitions as well as anyone in the business. MCL recruited Jon to manage their newly opened Commercial Interiors department back in 2015 and since then Jon has grown this business through his reputation for excellent work.


Two years ago, Jon joined a test group for a new technology based product designed to help streamline the PS1 process. Jon was keen to stay at the forefront of ceiling and partition technology, and also felt he could contribute valuable insight to the development of the tool.


The tool is Prenguin – an app designed by seismic engineer Matt Bishop. Construction professionals, such as Jon, can enter basic data and designs into the app, and it will complete the engineering calculations to let them know whether their design will be seismically compliant. 


Jon explains that he first creates a project in Prenguin. It takes a few minutes to fill in some boxes, choose the products and adjust until the green light shows the project will be compliant. Once he’s happy with the design, Jon clicks to submit it, approves the quoted price and has his PS1 delivered to his inbox within 48 hours.


“There is a huge advantage to using Prenguin when quoting for work” says Jon. Prior to using Prenguin, it was hard to estimate the cost of the seismic engineering required for the project. You’d put in your most educated guess, but that was the best you could do, he explains. “However, with Prenguin you can go ahead and enter the information into a project and know that it will be seismically correct. This means you have a 90% chance of getting the quote right.”


By using Prenguin to quote, it gives the contractor far greater visibility and certainty over costs further down the track. Jon’s quotes have a greater degree of certainty than those who are unable to provide accurate costs for seismic engineering.


“And it’s free to use!” adds Jon. There is no cost to using Prenguin to create projects and check whether a design will be compliant. You only pay at the point you request a PS1, which is done via BVT engineering.


Jon is not only using Prenguin as a tool to increase the certainty of his quotes, but also to provide his clients with a faster service. “Once I’m awarded a job, I have the project set up ready to go, all I need to do is press a button and the PS1 arrives within a day or so. It’s at least 70% faster than the usual process. This speed keeps the project moving quickly; we’re not waiting around for the PS1 to come through.”


While Jon is an early adopter of this new technology, and has been using it successfully since it’s launch last year, word is spreading fast and new users are signing up each day. If you’d like to learn more about Prenguin, or sign up to use it for free, you can do so by registering at the top right corner of the webpage, or clicking here.