As a highly experienced supplier and installer of ceilings and partitions, Rick* was no stranger to the time pressures of the industry. He knew that any hold ups had knock on effects for a project, which resulted in lost work hours and cost everyone money. So when he heard about the web app Prenguin, he was excited. Here was an opportunity to reduce the turnaround for a PS1 – down from two weeks to just 2 days.


What he didn’t count on when he signed up, were the benefits for his clients, beyond a fast PS1.


Rick’s first opportunity came when a client had chosen a ceiling system to install, and the contractor had already completed the PS1 for that system. When Rick and his team visited the site, they realised the system of choice was too large for the space that was available. There was not enough room to manoeuvre it into position. While an alternative system was available, the switch was complicated by the fact the PS1 had already been completed. There was no time to resubmit for a new PS1 – especially as the industry was running hot and there were delays for everything.


Rick was able to open the Prenguin app on his device while they were on site. Ten minutes later, having entered the details of the alternative system, he was able to confirm that the new option would also be seismically compliant. It was like having an engineer onsite with them – able to do all the engineering calculations on the spot and give them an answer. With the confidence that the new system could successfully be swapped in, with no impact on the PS1, the team were able to crack on.


Later, a new PS1 was submitted by the original contractor, but no one was left holding their breath as they’d had the green light from Prenguin and knew the system would be compliant.


“It was a life saver” explains Rick. “To be able to make a quick decision on site and be 100% confident was such a help”. Not only was Prenguin easy for Rick to use in this situation, it was also completely free. Users can create as many projects as they like and check them for their seismic compliance. At the point a PS1 is needed, simply click to engage an engineer. A quote for the PS1 is given, and when accepted, the PS1 arrives within 48 hours.


If you would like to find out more, or give Prenguin a go – you can request access here.


*Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of clients and other contractors