Joon Kwon joined BVT late in 2021, as a recently graduated engineer. There’s plenty for Joon to learn as he builds his expertise in interior seismic engineering. He works closely with the senior engineers within BVT, getting support and experienced input on each project he works on. 


When it comes to projects involving suspended ceilings, Joon has a ceilings guru he goes to every time. “Prenguin is my in-house expert” he explains. Prenguin is a web app developed by BVT’s founder, Matt Bishop. It is now available for use in the construction sector – and Joon is one of Prenguin’s biggest fans.


Joon loves it because it is so simple to use. When he receives a job for a PS1 for suspended ceilings, he inputs data such as the location of the build, building height and importance level. “I put in the numbers and then let Prenguin take the wheel.” With a click of the mouse, Prenguin gets to work doing all the calculations for a PS1, presenting a standardised document within seconds. Joon completes any other aspects of the documentation and then shares it with a senior engineer. “The thing I love about Prenguin, is that I know my work is always 100% correct! As a new engineer, I make the odd error which gets picked up by my supervisor, but with Prenguin I can rest assured that details such as the structure of the PS1 are all correct.”


Prenguin enables BVT engineers to return a PS1 to clients rapidly. It means the client can engage in a conversation about the PS1 quickly and with transparency. Existing BVT clients can request a login here and can review their Prenguin projects online. Once a project has been shared with a client by a BVT engineer, they can work together on Prenguin  in order to achieve a seismic design that will be compliant and cost-effective – providing more control, transparency and speed to the process. 


Prenguin is a well used tool within the BVT team, but it’s not just helpful for engineers. If you are a project manager, an architect, a quantity surveyor or a supplier or installer of suspended ceilings and need a PS1 for suspended ceilings, Prenguin may well add efficiencies to your job too.

Click to register and you’ll receive a login and password to get you started. The app is completely free so why not try it out!