It’s Thursday afternoon, there’s been a supply issue for the ceiling batten that is supposed to be installed next week, and now Jemma urgently needs a new PS1. In fact, to keep the project running to schedule she needs it by tomorrow! It’s a stressful situation, but not overly unusual in the construction business.

Luckily for Jemma, she is a Prenguin user. She was able to jump online, try out a few options for different ceiling battens, confirm that they would comply and hit the button for a PS1. The design was received by BVT that afternoon, and an official PS1 document will be in Jemma’s inbox by lunchtime on Friday. The day was saved and everyone is happy!

“Prenguin?” you say. “What on earth is that?” If you are someone who engages an engineer for interior engineering PS1s, then Prenguin is your new best friend. It is an online platform that automates the engineering for your ceiling and partitions. Jemma for example is a project manager, but equally the responsibility for the PS1 could have fallen to the ceiling installer, or even the architect. Anyone who works in construction can create their own pre-engineered wall and ceiling schedules. And just like Jemma, when they have completed their design, a formal PS1 is only a click away. 

How does it work?

Prenguin is an online platform for construction professionals. It can be used to compare, design and comply standard ceiling and partition elements.  Prenguin will complete most standard designs, and the outcome is available immediately. If your project calls for bespoke building elements, Prenguin links you with industry-expert engineers in an instant. 

Prenguin is the fastest and easiest way to ensure your ceiling and partition design is code compliant. And unless you engage a PS1, it’s free!

How will Prenguin make my life easier?

Interior engineering requires finding and engaging an engineer, waiting for them to review and approve designs, and issue paperwork. Often designs need to be reworked or components added. This can result in multiple drawing sets, confusion on-site, and delays. However, with automated engineering, the answer is instantaneous and consistently reliable.

By using Prenguin throughout the design and construction process,  you can quickly check the compliance of ceiling and partition elements. These can be adjusted or changed as the design evolves. Construction can continue without the delays associated with engaging an engineer.

How to get started 

Simply login to and request access. The team will be in touch with your login details and will get you started. You can have your first design done in minutes. If required, the PS1 can be endorsed by an engineer and in your inbox within 24 hours. Click here to request access and get started. Our team is here to guide you through or you can watch a demonstration video here.