Why suppliers and installers use Prenguin

  • Create PS1s for your clients within 48 hours*
  • Check Designs as you receive them
  • Use Prenguin to answer your clients interior engineering questions

Seismic engineering is a very specific discipline. I love using Prenguin as it is quick and easy.  I have confidence that I am providing clients with a solution from an expert.

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Case Studies

Prenguin Provides Instant PS1 information to Save the Day

As a veteran supplier and installer of ceilings and partitions, Rick* was no stranger to the time pressures of the industry. He knew that any hold ups had knock on effects for a project, which resulted in lost work hours and cost everyone money. So when he heard about the web app Prenguin, he was excited. Here was an opportunity to reduce the turnaround for a PS1 - down from two weeks to just 2 days.

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suspended ceilings and partitions

Using Prenguin to Improve the Quality of Tenders

Construction professionals, such as Jon, can enter basic data and designs into the Prenguin app, and it will complete the engineering calculations to let them know whether their design will be seismically compliant. Jon finds this useful for preparing tenders and for a fast turn around on PS1s.

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Prenguin Delivers it’s First Automated PS1

If you’ve met James Dilger from Potters, you’ll know he’s an instantly likeable bloke. Clients love him not only because he’s so nice, he also pulls out all the stops to make things happen. Recently he needed an urgent PS1 for his client and was wondering how he was going to deliver it.

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