Empowering anyone to engineer - anytime, anywhere. Wait for no one.

Are you in need of immediate consent or looking to verify a design change? Perhaps you'd like to compare product capacities quickly and effortlessly. Look no further than PRENGUIN! Take a dive into our Play Mode and experience firsthand just how simple and efficient it is to accomplish all of this in a matter of minutes.
If you prefer, our friendly PRENGUIN engineer, Josh, is more than happy to assist you every step of the way.
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With PRENGUIN you have the power to; 

  • Quickly and easily generate your own designs for ceilings and partitions with the reassurance that they are compliant and engineer certified. 
  • Access and compare product specifications (fire, acoustic, seismic, sustainability) from different manufacturers, in a single location.
  • Share projects for collaborative purposes, providing access to teams and organisations.
  • Validate engineering designs instantly without the requirement of involving external engineers.
  • Review design, drawings, specifications, and engineering in real-time.
  • Check alternative specifications and designs in case of unavailability or preference at any stage of the project.
  • Provide "engineered" designs as a sales tool for manufacturers/suppliers.

“We’ve had a good hard look at productivity in the construction industry. We’ve seen the problems and we understand the time that is lost every day. So we’ve automated common engineering calculations, turned them into algorithms and placed them in a cloud that can be accessed by anybody at any time. This gives industry stakeholders the power to do their own engineering on standardised interior designs in minutes.”

Matt Bishop – Cofounder