PRENGUIN's best features:

DrawAI, a simple and intuitive way to use plan markup for calculations. Simply import a drawing, and scale and mark up the interior building elements on the floor plan or RCP.

Engineer a building element at the press of a button, and with confidence based on decades of industry experience and world class peer-review. Engineered designs are automatically marked up on your plan.

Find and compare the engineering specifications for hundreds of interiors products, including ceiling tiles and grid systems, steel and timber studs, plasterboard, baffle systems and seismic braces.

Order a design certificate from PRENGUIN, or if you’re a Chartered Professional Engineer, use the downloadable calculations to create your own!

Let us show you how PRENGUIN works:

The PRENGUIN support and onboarding team is ready and available to show you how PRENGUIN can work for you. It's never been easier to engineer commercial interiors.